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Acute Conjunctivitis    急性結膜炎  (in English and Chinese 中英文)

Translated by: Joe Hing Kwok Chu         按此看中文

A manuscript.....Translation and Writing in progress..............

 Inflammation of the conjunctiva, generally consisting of conjunctival hyperaemia associated with a discharge.

External Formulas

Use any of the 2.

Prescription 1:

sang ye 3 g, ye ju hua 3 g, bo he 2 g

Rinse with water. Add one bowl of water. Boil sang ye and ye ju hua. Simmer for 5 minutes. Addbo he. Cover. Turn off heat. Wait for a few minutes. When temperature is not to hot. Place the eyes over the steam. When cool enough use it for washing the affected area. One prescription can be re-used twice. Do it a 3 to 4 times per day. Usually it will take 2 to 3 days to heal.

Prescription 2:

Internal Formulas




【辯証】外感風熱時邪,脈絡瘀 滯。
【治法】祛風清 熱,活血化瘀。
【組成】川芎3克,歸尾3克,白芍3克,生地3克,黃連3克,黃芩3克,梔子3克,石膏3克,連翹 3克,防風 3克,荊芥 3克,薄荷 3克,羌活 3克,蔓荊子3克 ,菊花 3克,蒺藜 3克,草決 3克,桔梗 3克,甘草 3克。

【辯証】風邪 熱毒,侵襲肺衛,郁滯成瘀,風火相煽,挾瘀上犯於目。
【治法】辛涼宣肺,祛風清 熱,化瘀通絡。
【組成】銀花15克,菊花12克,紅花9克,蒲公英24克,薄荷 9克,蟬蛻9克,白蒺藜12克,赤芍12克,大黃3克。

【方名】金靈散合龍膽 瀉肝湯。

【組成】秦皮9克,川柏9克,川椒9克,薄荷 6克,荊芥6克,防風6克。

【組成】桑葉野菊花 各3克﹐薄荷2克。
【用法】 以清水洗淨。加水一碗。先煎桑葉與野菊花。沸後改慢火繼續再煎大約五分鐘。加入薄荷。加蓋。熄火。悶幾分鐘。待溫度適合後。用蒸汽熏眼。較涼後 ﹐過濾後用來洗患處。每劑煎2次用之。每日三﹐四次。一般二﹐三天可痊癒。
一般急性結膜炎可分為﹕風邪外乘﹐風熱壅目﹐濕熱夾風﹐血虛生風四種證型,分別選用「驅風一字散」﹐「除濕湯」﹐「 四物湯,」等中藥方子加 減。

Conjunctiva: A clear membrane  that coats the inner eyelid and the outer surface of the eye.

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A manuscript... writing, translating and proofreading                  in progress

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